« Add two letters in Paris: it is the paradise », Jules Renard

Come and enjoy the most exceptional districts of Paris thanks to apartments selected specially for you by Urban Flat In Paris!


Let be charmed by the pavements of the Butte Montmartre, which offers in its summit an unforgettable view. In these streets, you’ll feel a particular aura and will want to be photographed or painted by the artists of the Tertre Place. After that, You won’t wanna miss to taste the hot chocolate next to the Sacré-Coeur Basilica.

If this district became history like the Moulin Rouge, it’s the well-known Amélie Poulain who recently gave it a magic and bewitching dimension.


This mythical district, between the Seine and the Latin Quarter, will tell you the story of Paris, in a maze of elegant streets where you’ll like getting lost. It’s hard to choose between listening to Vivaldi at the Eglise Saint Germain or taking a hot chocolate at the Café of Flore, in Sartre's favorite table? Unless you prefer a real shopping session on the Boulevards … This district definitely offers everything so you can take care of yourself!


The Americans envy us 2 things: first one, the real Champagne, and second one, the possibility of visiting Jim Morrison's grave, in the famous Cemetery of Père Lachaise, an authentic necropolis which became an History museum.

After greeting Chopin and Balzac, change atmosphere and dive into the animation of the Pelleport district or of the Ménilmontant-Oberkampf, streets well known for their many trendy and typically Parisian bars and pub.


Unknown district for many Parisian, the Mouzaïa Street is one of the Capital’s curiosities.

In the border of the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, in the beautiful 20th district, this built-up area on gypsum quarries cannot support tall buildings …That’s why you can enjoy this secret district, a real piece of heaven far from the noise of the city, around the unusual alley and full of small houses, colors and flavors.