Together aux Marais

Authentic village in the heart of the capital, the Marais is one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods for the Paris’ historic side lovers. The gourmands will find many good tables, and shopping addicts won’t know where to look any more... Paris was born in these streets, and we can still feel today the former atmosphere and frenzy, whether it is on the stalls of the Marché des Enfants Rouges or in the shops of the Franc-Bourgeois Street.

Between two compulsive shopping, do not forget to visit one of the many district museums.

Its central position in the city will allow you to go easily towards the other Parisian districts - but not sur you’ll want to leave this amazing district!

This official den of the hedonists on holidays concentrates in a limited perimeter the road of the 17th century mansions, the Jewish District inheritance of the capital and one of the main gay-friendly center of the world!

Walking around the Marais is first of all an experience, not only because of the symmetry of the Place des Vosges with the Victor Hugo's house, or because of the cultural vibrations that emanate from the Carnavalet… but also because of the possibility of wandering around these streets which saw the revolutionary Paris explodes and find sensations of colours, perfumes and flavours which will mark you forever.